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  • Sawara mill situed at Kattori-shi in Chiba prefecture.
  • Circular knitting machines use for make high quality fabric.
  • Winding yarn machines.
  • Ono style circular knitting machine.
  • Machine use to check the quality of the greige.
process Circular knit
equipment Circular knitting (knitted fabric)

Company Information

Representative Motonobu Ono
Address 458-banchi 1, Sawara, Katori-shi, Chiba-ken, 287-0003 Japan
TEL +81-3-3829-5661
Department Development Department
Contact Yuko Takizawa
FAX +81-3-3829-5660
E-mail info@onomeriyasu.jp
URL http://www.onomeriyasu.jp
Date of Establishment March 1, 1957
Capital 3 million yen
No. of employees 26 people
Major business
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Business overview

Company strengths

Since the company was etablished, ono created his own knitting machines and develop his onw style call "ono style". This style became very popular and throughout the ages. Thanks to our long history, we develop a fabulous knowledge and techniques which only ono hold the key. We founded an office in Tokyo where we design and plan the new HQ yarn & fabric will be knit to Sawara mill before finish and ship around the world.


Etablished in 1924 at Edogawaku Tokyo, we specializing us in circular knitting. We move our mill to Sawara in Chiba in order to maximize our yield of production which continue to bring new possibilities. Now we winding yarn, knit and control the greige on the same place before ship it to the dying mill. Sawara mill and Tokyo office work hand in hand to develop new beautiful fabrics in order to sales to worldwide brand.

Product and technology strengths

Thanks to our long years development, we created extra fine count gassed yarn and obtain patent for our "Cosmorama". Thankful to our long history and craftmens techniques we specialize in the high gauze circular knitting in making rib, interlock, jersey without adversely affecting the quality of the specifities of the yarn.

Annual production capacity

Sawara's mill produce around 8000 rolls by years. Mill and Tokyo office work together to propose the best leadtime to our clients.

Business requirements

All orders or requested is take by Tokyo office. It is necessary to open an account with the new client before start a collaboration.

  • image taked from our exposition. Twice a year, we expose our new collection to apparel brand, OEM company and garment factories.


We have 40 circular knitting machines with cleaning system, winding knitting machines, greige warehouse and warehouse where we stock fninished rolls. Also there is a lot of particular machines for make very short width rib.

  • Machines use for knit very short width rib.

  • Greige warehouse.

Overseas business transactions


Landscape around the mill (Sawara, Kattori-shi, Chiba prefecture).

  • Wonderful riverside district.

    Commonly referred to as little Edo, Sawara is a famous toursit spot where people can enjoy the old town and temple.