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  • Dyeing uniformly with the same color. We can provide high quality plain dyeing utilizing our technique that craftsmen have accumulated over the years.
  • We have 2 sets of continuous refining and bleaching machines. We of course have a mercerization machine as well.
  • With our rotary printing textile machine, we can provide normal print, particular print, coating and discharge printing.
  • We retain a high quality with the accumulation of our original know how.
  • We have a proprietary developed indigo dyeing machine for fabric. Beginning with the indigo dyeing tradition of bingo gasuri, and due to the brushing up our technique for discharge printing, we have a distinctive technique gaining attention from around the world.
process Piece dyeing /Textile printing /Spun yarn fabric
equipment Piece dyeing /Sorting machine

Company Information

Company SANYO SENKO Co.,Ltd.
Representative Souichiro Matsumoto
Address 6-1, Ichimonjicho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, 721-0953, Japan
TEL +81-84-953-2828
Department Business Management
Contact Ippei Toita
FAX +81-84-953-0330
Date of Establishment January 7, 1925
Capital 98 million yen
No. of employees 90 people
Major business Sojitz Fashion Co., Ltd.;KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD. Nisshinbo Textile Inc. :TAMURAKOMA & Co., Ltd. :HISHITOMO Co., Ltd. and other
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Business overview

Company strengths

Ever since its establishment, over 90 years we have established absolute status both in name and reality through experience and technology. It is Japan's leading dyeing processing factory which can produce consistently original fabric from bleaching and plain dyeing, to the printing and finishing processes. We brush up the technology that is in no other place than here, such as the inherited "bingo gasuri", indigo dyed fabrics, or discharge prints.

  • These rose flowers, which are the symbol of Fukuyama City, were drawn elegantly by our own technology called "Indigo-Gradation-Discharge print" on the denim, which is produced by our related company CHUGOKU BOSHOKU Co., Ltd.

  • These paisley patterns are also drawn by "Indigo-Gradation-Discharge print" , the technology of which is introduced by top of the world apparel companies, on the denim produced by our related company in CHUGOKU BOSHOKU Co.,Ltd.


Japan's leading piece dyeing processing factory with a production capability more than 1 million meters per month. We have facilities that can produce consistently original fabric from bleaching and plain dyeing, to the printing and finishing processes, to meet various needs from the customer. We also have our own developed facility "Indigo-continuous-dyeing machine" and dye fabric indigo, which only a few companies in Japan can do.

  • We are proud of the factory, whose capacity is one of the largest in Japan. Despite the large facilities, small lot orders are also supported.

  • Our facility's " indigo dyeing machine", its long history through which we have accumulated a great deal of know-how. We are also skilled in discharge processing, and able to express patterns with indigo which can be done nowhere else in the world.

Product and technology strengths

It is often said that "natural fibers are alive". The fabric conditions change based on the age and location of the cotton is harvested, the fabric mixture and a bit of fabric organization differences, and storage condition or temperature. Getting these kinds of fabrics to process uniformly is the hardest task and actually requires the application of some treatment little by little without overlooking a slight difference. This is the know-how and the strength that our dyeing processing factory has. We have many years of accumulated experiences and improvements, and it is made clear in the major domestic textile converter's quality standards.

  • The accumulation of our own know-how allows us to retain our high quality.

  • Special processing such as Indigo dyeing is also supported, as well as discharge printing. There is also the ability of processing of Bingo-specialties-denim.

Annual production capacity

We have a production capacity exceeding more than 2 million meters per month maximum. Especially in the refining and bleaching processes, we have 2 large-scale process lines and we have one of largest domestic production capacities in Japan.

  • One of the largest domestic production capacities.

  • Various dyes and dying methods are supported.

Business requirements

To be discussed with each customer and decided.


Continuous refining and bleaching machine 3 sets, continuous dyeing machine 2 sets, plain dying machine 2 sets, rotary textile printing machine 1 set, resin processing machine 3 sets, heat setting machine 3 sets, prevent shrink machine 3 sets.

  • Capable of both cliptenter and pintenter

  • With more than 100m continuous refining and bleaching machines

Overseas business transactions


  • Indigo-Graduation-Discharge printed YUKATA.

    "Indigo-Gradation-Discharge print" is our own developed technology. The YUKATA of this picture is developed together with a local tailor in Fukuyama city.

  • Rose flowers, which is the symbol of Fukuyama City, were drawn with indigo.

  • Paisley pattern, which was drawn by one of the world proud technology "Indigo-Gradation-Discharge print".

  • PTJ's booth

    We have continued to exhibit Japan's largest textile exhibition "premium textile Japan" for many years.