MIKASA,inc. Nara Factory


Safety, Security and Compliance Certification Number: K110116A090

Knitting Certification Number:K1600160091

process Weft knit /Circular knit /Cotton /Wool /Silk /Bast/Hmep fiber /Synthetic
product category Men’s /Women’s /Children’s
item Socks

Company Information

Company MIKASA,inc. Nara Factory
Representative Shigenobu Amari
Address 107-2, Katsune, Katsuragi-shi, Nara, 639-0275, Japan
TEL +81-745-48-9050
Department Production Department
Contact Minako Nakai
FAX +81-745-48-9051
E-mail nara@kk-mikasa.co.jp
URL http://www.kk-mikasa.co.jp/nara/
Date of Establishment April 1st, 2011

Business overview

Company strengths

We have a line-up of knitting machines which make it possible for us to create products with high added value such as the latest newly installed Italian knitting machines. Our complete line of equipment and firm level of safety provides our customers with peace of mind. We can quickly respond to your demands with our high speed knitting machines in OEM, ODM and small lot production. All of us at Mikasa will continue to put forth efforts into creating new standards without being satisfied with current techniques and quality.

  • Our knitting machines with automatic linking device enable us to eliminate the three processes of Return, Rosso and Reverse.

  • We installed the Shima Seiki whole garment flat knitting machine enabling production of the new toe socks.


We became a socks manufacturer in 2011 utilizing the geographical advantages of the local industries of Nara which have gone under a development process since a long time ago following the all-around corporate vision of our president. We carry out a wide variety of processes from planning to production of various socks using our stable technology. We focus on highly functional materials which are competitive in demand and price on a global scale including highly functional fibers, aramid fibers and carbon fibers with preparations made during the planning stage.

Product and technology strengths

We offer peace of mind through our quality which is backed by our safety. We constantly place importance on creating products which fit the user under the motto of “Safety & Peace of Mind”. Even at the product sample stage, each of our technicians reviews designs of data programs over and over until they are satisfied and nothing is made into a product until everything is perfect.

Overseas business transactions