Japanese production techniques have ceaselessly been passed down for generations

This quality is filled with all of the different elaborate types of technology characteristic of Japan as well as an infinite aesthetic sense and creativity which places value on the inner concepts and stories of the finished product.

The number of people worldwide fascinated by this quality and dressing in Japanese styles is increasing.


J∞QUALITY infinitely (∞) pursues QUALITY which meets the high standards of Japan. We aim to create demand for Japanese apparel and vitalize the textile and garment manufacturing industry under the mission of sharing Japanese quality with the world. Our comprehensive brand transcends conventional Japanese production standards and includes only certified J∞QUALITY products which are woven, knitted, dye finished, sewed, planned and sold all in Japan. This means that our products are made in Japan with the infinite pursuit of production quality, the background of each process is transparent and the products provide customers with safety and peace of mind.


During this time when people are becoming more and more inclined to genuine items, we will improve the superiority of our products and make contributions to creating even more consumers who prefer genuine items and choose products made in Japan. J∞QUALITY attests to genuine Japanese quality demanded by manufacturers and consumers.