The Japan Fashion-Apparel Industry Council
A message from Chairman Masahiko Miyake

The J∞QUALITY certification program was launched with the cooperation of the Japan Textile Federation. This program brings together the abilities from groups all over Japan raising the quality standards in our country.


J∞QUALITY certifies that the product is genuinely made in Japan by verifying all the Japanese companies involved in weaving, knitting, dye finishing and stitching. This enables the revitalization of the Japanese textile and garment manufacturing industries and aims to create demand in Japan and overseas as well as to expand the market.


The J∞QUALITY symbol is the logo mark which verifies the product has gone through the certification process. Exposure of this mark aims to naturally get consumers familiar with the brand as a sign to consumers that they are purchasing products made in Japan. This will bring together wisdom and creativity from all over Japan with the aim of establishing a world class Japanese brand.