It is proof of the quality
that Japan boasts to the world.


"J∞QUALITY" has the mission of infinitely (∞) pursuing quality (QUALITY), which Japan is proud of, and disseminating it to the world. We aim to create, maintain and revitalize textile and garment production areas. Only products that go beyond traditional MADE IN JAPAN products and have all production processes done in Japan, such as "weaving/knitting," "dyeing and processing," and "sewing," can become the unified brand of "J∞QUALITY". This means that the product is made in Japan, pursuing the utmost quality in manufacturing, that the background of each process is visible, and that it is a safe product that can be purchased with confidence.

Management organization

J ∞ QUALITY Special Project Organization and Role

Established for the purpose of ensuring proper and smooth operation of this business.

  • ・Reception and approval procedures for new (renewal) applications
  • ・Scrutiny to ensure compliance with security, safety, and compliance standards
  • ・Product registration management
  • ・WEB system management
  • Such
  • *Please see the business terms and conditions for details.